Graduation Requirements and Grading Policy

21 credits are required to graduate

  • 4 credits in English
  • 3 credits in Math
  • 3 credits in Social Science (must include Government+ Consumer Ec)
  • 2 credits in Science (must include Biology + Conservation)
  • 1 credits in Art or Music
  • 1 credit in Physical Education (must include Health)
  • 6 credits in Electives and/or Vocational Education
  • 1 credit in Transitions/Pathways

Additional Requirements

  • One year residency in school
  • PSAE completion
  • 10th garde level on STAR test
  • 40 hours of approved service-learning activities
  • Passing grade on Constitution test (Public Law 195)
  • Minimum of 10th grade reading level on TABE test
  • Completion of Drivers’ Ed class
  • Senior Portfolio
  • Research Paper approved and completed
  • FAFSA filled out + mailed
  • Senior Exit Survey and Post High School Plan on file

Grading Policy
Grades are issued three times in one semester (roughly every six – seven weeks). These three grades are averaged together for the semester grade. ½ a credit is earned each semester for those classes in which the student earned a “C” or better and had an attendance rate of 80% or better. Students take six classes a school year and can earn a credit in each.
Sullivan House grades consist of the following letter grades – A, B, C and NC
Grading Scale:
90 – 100 = A
80 – 89 = B
70 – 79 = C
No credit (nc) is given for a score under 70% –there are no “Ds” or “Fs” grades