Sullivan House High School – Chicago

Helping students excel and meet their maximum potential.
If students don’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.

Mission Statement

The mission of Sullivan House High School is to provide another opportunity for at-risk students and high school drop-outs who are between the ages of 16-21 who have been under served and disconnected from traditional education. Serving the far South Side of Chicago, the school provides a safe environment with appropriately certified teachers, to help enable the students to realize their inner potential. Sullivan House reaches the needs of students through various programs offered at the school, small class sizes, technological literacy, life experiences, human development and vocational and post secondary planning. Academic subjects will be supported by inquiry and problem based learning activities supported through a hands-on, team focused school staff.

Vision Statement

The vision of Sullivan House High School is geared towards both increasing the number of students who can attend our school as well as expanding the curriculum choices that are available to our students. By focusing on reading and writing across the curriculum, Sullivan House plans to improve the reading comprehension and writing skills of our students. All school activities such as weekly journal writing, daily reading time, quarterly Principal Writing prompts, weekly timed test practice periods, word of the day activities and assessments using Scan-Tron and the Universal Screener with each student will all be instrumental in assessing the student’s growth. A focus on additional staff development in regards to reading and writing will also be evident in the school’s improvement plan for the next five years.