Class of 2013

graduatesClass of 2013 doesn’t that phrase have a nice ring to it? Doesn’t it sound good? How about the word graduate or commencement? They all should bring a smile to your face, because all these words area milestone, an accomplishment in your life that you have reached through hard work and dedication. Not too long ago, you entered Sullivan House not knowing what to expect from our school, and maybe not knowing for sure what to expect from yourself as well.

At some point in your educational life, people doubted you, maybe you even doubted yourself (or the educational process), but you didn’t quit. You pushed yourself to come to school every day, participate in class, complete the homework required, study for the tests and earn the credits needed and acquired the skills expected of a graduate.

This is a major accomplishment in your young life, a stepping stone to future great things! The staff at Sullivan House joins your family and friends in celebrating this memorable day with you. We will miss you. e have seen the positive changes, growth and maturity that you have exhibited in your time spent with us. You have also shared with us the joys and pains of this maturation process, and we have been blessed to have een a part of your life!

You will always be a part of our school, so please let us know of your accomplishments and goals as you move on with your post-graduate plans. See, the word graduate is used again, and doesn’t that sound good?

Dr. Gattuso